The Advisor /Client Relationship

The advisor / client relationship is created though a comprehensive financial analysis and sustained with continual portfolio observation and monitoring. The interactive diagram below allows you to gain perspective of the six core components we take into consideration and evaluate as a valued client of Staub Financial.
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Retirement Planning


  • How to save for retirement?
  • How to spend properly?
  • What are your living expenses?
  • How should you take your pension?
  • When should you apply for social security?
  • What are your options for healthcare?
  • As a small business owner, do I have any unique retirement planning options?

To effectively analyze your financial situation and implement a retirement strategy, we use:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Income hypotheticals
  • RetireUp – cutting edge computer software that models retirement income
  • Strategic Comprehensive Retirement Plans

Investment Management


  • How are my investments positioned?
  • Do I need to take market risk to achieve my goals?


  • Use a value investment philosophy
  • Build the portfolio around the needs of the client

We use innovative technologies to evaluate and develop a personalized investment blueprint:

  • Morningstar
  • Riskalyze

And we monitor the implemented strategy with -

  • Annual or semi-annual meetings
  • Rebalancing efforts

Tax Planning

  • Minimizing tax liability
  • Understanding taxable income

Estate Planning


  • What kind of estate planning options are available?
  • Do I have the ability to assist my children along with some of my favorite charities?

We offer:

  • Charity gifting
  • Trusts
  • Beneficiary planning
  • Coordinating living trusts and directives with estate planning professionals

Risk Management


  • For our particular situation, do we need insurance? What kind? How much?

You will need:

  • Life insurance
  • Term insurance
  • Long term care

College Planning


  • When is the best time to begin a college planning/funding program for my child?

We recommend understanding different plans:

  • 529 v UTMA

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